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Property Management Jobs

Job Description

Property managers work with owners to oversee rental agreements, advertise for new tenants and check the condition of the property during and after a rental term. Property managers have a varied role. They play an important part in keeping the rental market running and making sure both property owners and tenants are happy. 

What’s more:

If you’re a property manager, you might spend your day carrying out inspections, making calls or sending emails to promote new properties on the rental market, and meeting with prospective landlords and tenants. 

Qualities and Skills

To succeed in real estate management jobs, you’ll need to be motivated, organized and professional. Property managers should have knowledge of the local area and of the regulations governing rental contracts and agreements. You should be able to sell and promote properties and have excellent communication skills. 

Movity Tip

If you’re keen to get ahead in the field of property management, it’s really useful to listen to clients and use any previous experience you have as a property owner or a tenant to shape the way you liaise with your clients. 

Commercial Real Estate Jobs

Job Description

Commercial real estate agents and brokers deal with commercial properties, such as retail units and offices. They work with business clients, overseeing the purchase and sale of premises that are not used for residential purposes. 


A day in the life of a commercial real estate agent or broker may involve visiting properties that are new to the market, showing prospective buyers around commercial premises, helping clients to find the perfect property based on a brief, and liaising between buyers and vendors to close a deal. 

Qualities and Skills

If you’d like to work in commercial real estate, it’s hugely beneficial to have experience of selling and working with commercial clients. You’ll need a state license, and experience of working in a real estate role is desirable. Commercial agents and brokers should be engaging, with brilliant communication skills. 


They should be well-organized, and they should have strong negotiating skills.

Movity Tip

Working with commercial clients often requires a head over heart response. So, it’s always beneficial to focus on the financial and logistical benefits of a property or commercial unit. 

Presenting yourself well and turning up on time with access to figures and information about the development and the local area will help to create a positive impression. 

Corporate Real Estate Jobs

Job Description

Corporate real estate jobs involve working with business clients. In most cases, the primary aim is to help a company find suitable premises for its business needs. 

For instance:

This might mean assisting a retailer with finding a new store or a warehouse for stock. Or it might involve locating an office development for a law firm, a sales agency, or a financial corporation. 

The thing is:

Corporate real estate agents deal with a varied range of properties, liaising with buyers and vendors to pave the way for deals to be made, arranging viewings, carrying out site visits, and advising corporate buyers. 

Skills and Qualities

If you’re keen to explore corporate real estate acquisitions jobs, you’ll need a state license and some experience in real estate. For this role, it’s incredibly beneficial to be organized, well-presented, and punctual. 

You should have a keen interest in finance and problem-solving. Last but not least, corporate real estate agents should be able to work well with others and to juggle multiple projects. 

Movity Tip

In business, first impressions count for everything, so focus on presenting yourself and the property you’re looking to sell in the best possible light. 

Real Estate Development Jobs

Job Description

Real estate development is a very different type of real estate job to many of the positions most commonly associated with this field. 

Here’s the deal:

Developers acquire land with a view to building on it. They are responsible for planning, implementing a development and construction team, and financing the project. Real estate development jobs can lead to all kinds of opportunities, with the option to build residential or commercial properties. 

Qualities and Skills

To excel as a real estate developer, you need to have a keen eye and a firm grip on the finances. The key to a successful project lies in catering to buyers’ demands, budgeting effectively and managing a development team to ensure every project runs as smoothly as possible. 


To get into this area of real estate, it’s essential to have experience in the field. So, most developers will have a relevant degree in urban planning, architecture, business real estate, or related fields. 

The ability to work as part of a team and to delegate tasks is hugely beneficial. Real estate developers should also be able to multitask and work to a schedule. 

Movity Tip

The best attribute you can have as a developer in real estate investment jobs is the ability to spot potential. 

Real Estate Appraiser Jobs

Job Description

Real estate appraisers are responsible for determining the value of a property. They visit residential properties and commercial sites and premises to take a look around. They provide a valuation based on the characteristics of the building or development, the location, access to amenities, the condition of the property, and market trends. 

Skills and Qualities

If you’re looking for real estate appraiser jobs, you’ll need an appraiser license. You can obtain one by completing a set number of hours of education followed by an exam. 

What’s more:

Appraisers working in real estate finance jobs must have a good grasp of figures and an interest in current affairs and economics. It’s helpful to have experience of working in real estate before going down this specific route. 

Movity Tip

There are several factors that can influence the value of a property, including the emergence of new trends and political and economic variables. So, it’s crucial to have your finger on the pulse at all times as an appraiser. 

Real Estate Broker Jobs

Job Description

Real estate brokers are similar to real estate agents, but they work for a brokerage and have the option to start their own real estate business. 

A day in the life of a real estate broker may involve meeting with potential buyers or sellers, looking around properties, and working on marketing campaigns. Making calls and sending emails and liaising with buyers and vendors to negotiate deals are also some of the duties. 

Skills and Qualities

Before you can become a real estate broker, you’ll need to obtain a state license and gain experience working as a real estate agent. 

And that’s not all:

Many brokers pursue studies and take courses to further their careers, for example, a real estate degree. To be a successful broker, it’s important to have fantastic communication skills and to be able to show passion and enthusiasm for every property. 

Movity Tip

If you’re interested in real estate broker jobs, it’s a good idea to gain as much experience as possible and make sure you have the right qualifications and training before taking the next step. 

Here’s the scoop:

Brokers should be smart, professional, and able to engage in conversation. They need to be clever negotiators to take advantage of the best real estate jobs salary

Real Estate Analyst Jobs

Job Description

Real estate analysts provide financial information and advice to real estate companies and investors.

In turn:

This is used to determine the viability of acquisitions and help buyers to decide whether or not a purchase or sale makes financial sense. 

So, if you have an interest in numbers and the real estate market as well as people, this could be a great career option for you! Analysts consider a range of factors, including the economic climate and housing market trends, before compiling reports or issuing advice. 

Skills and Qualities

Analysts are problem-solvers by nature who enjoy researching and delving deeper into facts and figures to provide useful information for buyers and investors. 

What’s more:

Analysts should have an interest in economics and the ability to use software and tools to analyze trends, create detailed reports, and apply the findings of market research. Analysts should also have an eye for detail and work efficiently and accurately. 

Lastly, the ability to collaborate and communicate with others is also key. Most analysts have qualifications in business or finance in addition to experience in real estate. 

Movity Tip

If you’re browsing real estate analyst jobs, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on what’s going on in the markets and to take an interest in politics and sociology. 

Interior Design Jobs

Job Description

Interior designers are responsible for transforming the interior of a property to create a beautiful or functional aesthetic, depending on the client brief. 


Interior designers can work with residential or commercial clients, providing advice and services to enhance the appeal of the space. A homeowner might hire an interior designer for a renovation project. 

Alternatively, a developer may seek professional interior design services to create stunning showhomes to sell vacant plots. No two days in the life of an interior designer are the same, and this job provides opportunities to showcase creativity and flair.

Exciting times!

Qualities and Skills

Interior designers are creative and have an eye for detail. 

But there’s more:

They also possess the ability to embrace other peoples’ ideas and work to set briefs that may not necessarily suit their own personal style. Interior designers are adaptable, they are capable of working to specific time-frames and budgets, and they often work as part of a team. 

To work as an interior designer, it’s beneficial to have qualifications, such as a degree in design or a related subject, and experience. Interior designers often see things that others don’t, and they possess the ability to sprinkle a touch of magic on even the most bland or clinical space. 

Movity Tip

Many clients will ask to see examples of previous work before choosing a designer, so it’s vital to have a professional-looking portfolio.

Architect Jobs

Job Description

Architects play a crucial role in the development of real estate projects and in renovation and remodeling work. If you work as an architect, you’ll spend your days visiting sites, talking to clients, meeting with building firms, designers and developers. You’ll also create plans, proposals, and detailed drawings. 

This is important:

Architect jobs cover a vast range of environments and settings. Furthermore, they work with a broad spectrum of clients, from homeowners and developers to organizations and businesses. 

Skills and Qualities

Architects complete several years of studying and training at college. As well as being able to complete the degree course, architects should be methodical and meticulous. Every project requires attention to detail and accuracy. Architects should also be well-organized, creative and imaginative, and possess the ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team. 

Movity Tip

For those looking to excel in the field of architecture, experience is invaluable. Working on a range of different projects and immersing yourself in a variety of environments can help to build your portfolio. Visiting different cities and countries and reading books and looking at images of buildings can also provide inspiration. 

Construction Jobs

Job Description

There’s a vast array of construction jobs available out there. 

Construction companies and contractors work with a diverse range of customers and clients, taking on projects of all scales. Construction firms often work alongside real estate developers and brokers, interior designers, and architects to implement plans and proposals related to restoring or renovating old buildings or creating new developments. 

Qualities and Skills

Construction jobs suit individuals with a broad skill set, which includes visual awareness and creativity, as well as practical skills. Those who have construction jobs also work well as part of a team and are able to adapt to different environments. The qualifications required will depend on the job type. 

The thing is:

Some roles do not require specific qualifications, although training may be recommended. More senior positions and those that involve planning or project management will usually require training or degree-level qualifications. 

Movity Tip

Construction is a vast field, and it offers up all kinds of opportunities and roles. It’s well worth exploring different positions to see if there’s a job that suits you perfectly. 

Real Estate Photography Jobs

Job Description

Did you know that homes with professional-standard photography sell up to 32% faster? 

This incredible stat from the Center for REALTOR Development underlines the importance of using professional photography services for your real estate agency or brokerage. 

In fact, real estate photography jobs involve capturing both internal and external images of residential and commercial properties to make brochures and online galleries as appealing and alluring as possible. 

Real estate photographers use their expertise to showcase properties in their best light. 

Skills and Qualities

Real estate photographers have an eye for beauty and spatial and visual awareness. They also know how to use the camera to paint a property in the best light. They can utilize light, angles, and framing to create more captivating images. The quality of the image also helps to enhance brand image and reputation. 

So, what does it take to become a real estate photographer?

You’ll need qualifications in photography and an understanding of what buyers are looking for and what kinds of images sell in the world of real estate. 

Top Tip

If you’re keen to land a job as a real estate photographer, it’s incredibly useful to have a portfolio ready to show prospective clients. Try and gain experience in capturing different types of buildings to show your versatility. 

The breadth and diversity of real estate jobs is vast, and this field attracts individuals with a broad spectrum of interests and skills. 

From agents and brokers who deal with buyers and vendors to those involved with planning and developing properties, there are exciting opportunities for everyone. And that includes you!

Entry-Level Real Estate Jobs

By this point, you’re probably wondering:

“This all sounds great. But how do I get started in the real estate field?”

Here’s the deal:

The good news is that it is possible to work your way up and take advantage of a host of opportunities as you climb the ladder and develop your skill set. 

Here’s a useful guide to how to get started: 

Skills You Need to Get a Job in Real Estate

Real estate is a really diverse field and one that offers enticing opportunities for those keen to carve out a successful and rewarding career. It’s no surprise that this is a popular career path. To succeed in real estate, it’s beneficial to possess many different skills and attributes, including:

  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Well-presented
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to sell
  • Enthusiasm, passion and energy
  • Multitasking
  • Networking

Requirements for Real Estate Professionals

To get started on your journey into the world of real estate, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Research the requirements within your state

In most states, you’ll need a license to become a real estate agent and work your way up to explore different positions. Make sure you’re well aware of the qualifications or certifications you need to obtain your desired job. You may be able to secure roles, such as real estate assistant jobs while procuring your license.

  1. Make sure you have the relevant qualifications: 

There are variations between states, so you’ll need to make sure you have the qualifications you need to get your real estate license. Some states require a degree, while others accept high school diplomas. 

  1. Look into pre-licensing courses: 

It’s a good idea to explore different courses and take classes that respond to the kind of job you want before you sit your real estate licensing exam. 

  1. Find a job: 

Once you’ve passed your exam and you have your license, you can think about finding a job. Look for a brokerage or a firm offering entry-level real estate jobs. If you want to become a realtor, it’s wise to consider becoming a member of the NAR (National Association of Realtors).

  1. Continue training: 

When you’re working, take advantage of opportunities to undertake further training and explore other avenues if you have a desire to go down a slightly different path. 

Certifications and Courses

The courses you take as a real estate professional will vary according to the type of real estate career you’re looking to pursue. Examples of certifications that you may require include: 

  • Accredited Land Consultant
  • Certified Commercial Investment Member
  • Certified Property Manager
  • Certified Residential Specialist. 

Real Estate Freelancers

Freelancing is an increasingly popular route for those who work in real estate. Freelance work covers work from home real estate jobs, part-time real estate jobs and full-time occupations. 

With freelancing, there are many benefits on offer, particularly for those who are looking to find a career that provides a healthy work-life balance. 

Here are some of the most significant benefits of freelance real estate jobs:

  1. Taking control of your workload: 

As a freelancer, you are able to manage your workload in a way that suits your schedule and the amount of time you have available. You can accept and reject projects, and you can choose when you want to work.

  1. Managing your schedule: 

Many people have a 9-5 job, but the trend for flexible working is gathering pace. With freelance real estate jobs, you can adapt your schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  

So, you can work at a time that suits you and ensure you have a healthy balance between work and downtime. 

  1. Controlling your income: 

Freelancers don’t usually have salaried jobs, which means they can set their prices and take control of their income. 

  1. Choosing partners and networking: 

When you take on freelance work, you can decide who you want to work with and utilize a network of contacts that you know and trust. 

Latest Real Estate Trends

Just like the catwalk, the real estate arena provides a backdrop for evolving trends. 

Trends come and go: 

So, it’s incredibly important for real estate professionals to be aware of emerging and developing trends, as well as to make use of the impressive real estate statistics.

Here are some of the most significant real estate trends in 2020:

  1. Internet searches: 

More and more people are looking for new homes online. According to the NAR, in 2018, 50% of buyers found their home via the internet. 

  1. Co-living: 

The price of renting and buying has encouraged more people, especially young adults, to consider sharing apartments and houses with friends, colleagues, or lodgers.

  1. Using amenities to sell: 

Many people want to live in a neighborhood that is well-connected with access to amenities and facilities. Trendy areas with independent stores, bars, and cafes have become more popular, as well as those served by communal facilities and transport links. 

What’s more:

New developments are also more likely to include facilities like a gym, or a swimming pool to entice tenants or buyers. 

  1. Millennial buyers: 

Great news! The millennial market is booming. In 2020, the proportion of buyers from the millennial bracket is expected to reach around 45%. 

  1. Multi-generation homes: 

More and more buyers are searching for properties that are suitable for multiple generations, with features like separate annexes and converted lofts and outbuildings a draw.

Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Working in real estate offers plenty of benefits, but success is not guaranteed. 

Here are some top tips to find the best jobs in real estate and achieve your career objectives:

Invest in yourself: 

Undertake training, gain experience in different settings, and expand your skill set.


Building a contact network is highly beneficial in the world of real estate. Be open to working with others, attend networking events, and keep a record of firms, brokers, or agents you have worked with in the past. 

Use your sphere of influence wisely

A sphere of influence is a term used to describe the people close to you and those you meet on a regular basis. As a real estate agent or broker, use these leads to expand your business, to create new leads, and to market your services. Recommendations and referrals are critical for real estate professionals.

Protect your reputation and try to enhance it whenever possible: 

Clients want to work with a real estate professional they can trust and rely on. Reputation and track record are key, so prioritize customer service and go the extra mile for your clients. 

Make sure you look the part: 

Professionalism is crucial in real estate, so always ensure you present yourself well. Arrive on time, greet your clients, introduce yourself, dress smartly, and be prepared for every meeting. 

Be open-minded about new opportunities: 

Working in real estate enables you to explore a range of different positions and career paths. As you gain experience and learn new skills, you might decide that you want to try a different job. 

Entry-Level Real Estate Manager Interview Questions

We all know interviews can be daunting. 

That being said:

The right preparation can make all the difference in the world. It’s always a good idea to try and figure out what kinds of questions you might be asked by a panel and put together some answers and ideas. 


The questions you are asked by real estate companies will vary, but here are some examples that might crop up and some ideas for answers:

What do you feel you could bring to our real estate company? 

Answer: energy, drive, enthusiasm, confidence, experience, specific skills, or training. 

Why do you want to work in real estate? 

Answer: interest in the sector, passion for the industry, the ability to meet new people and help people on a daily basis. 

What kinds of marketing methods do you feel are most effective for attracting new buyers in 2020? 

Answer: digital marketing, email, SEO, mobile-friendly websites, apps, referrals. 

How can we set ourselves apart from competitors? 

Answer: customer-focused marketing, personalized services, incentives for referrals. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your career ambitions? 

Answer: running your own business, furthering your career by taking on new roles or undertaking training. 

What do you feel are the biggest challenges for real estate companies at the moment, and do you have any ideas about solutions? 

Answer: reaching the right audience, finding innovative ways to outperform the competition, retaining customers. 

If you had to sell a property in an area you’ve never visited before, what steps would you take before meeting the client? 

Answer: visit the area, look at other properties that have sold in the neighborhood, research amenities and facilities, tailor information to the client, for example, details of schools for families. 

Do you deal well with pressure? Can you provide an example? 

Answer: stay calm, organize time effectively, learn to delegate or ask for assistance. 

How do you feel about emerging trends in real estate and how they will impact the industry? 

Answer: an increase in interest in mobile searches and millennial buyers and changes in the way people look for properties and evolving demands, for example, properties suitable for multiple generations. The industry will have to adapt to cater for these changes by embracing technology and listening to consumers. 


Q: Why get into the real estate domain?

A: If you have an interest in working with people, you want a job that is varied and rewarding. And if you’re looking for freelance and self-employment opportunities, real estate could be an ideal option for you. 

Q: How to become a real estate agent?

A: To work as a real estate agent, you’ll need a real estate license. Check your state requirements. Then, have a look at a real estate agent job description to make sure you understand the nature of the job and have the relevant expertise and qualifications. Once you have your license, you can look for jobs and start gaining experience in the field. 

Q: What are the highest paying real estate jobs?

A: One of the best real estate benefits is the opportunity to earn a high salary. The top real estate companies offer attractive packages. You can also earn a lot of money by freelancing. Examples of the best real estate jobs in terms of salary include commercial appraisers, commercial real estate brokers, real estate executives, real estate developers, and consultants. 

Q: What are the jobs you can get with a real estate license?

A: If you have a real estate license, you can get a host of jobs, including residential and commercial real estate sales, real estate agent, real estate broker, real estate property manager, and leasing agent. Having a real estate license can also be beneficial for jobs linked to real estate, such as real estate appraiser and analyst. 

Q: How to start working in real estate?

A: Once you’ve gained your real estate license, start searching for jobs using search engines. If you’re at the very beginning, using terms and keywords like entry-level real estate jobs near me and real estate jobs near me no experience will point you in the right direction. Try and establish a network of contacts, gain experience, sign up to recruitment sites, and contact local agencies and brokerages. 

Q: What are the benefits of being a real estate agent?

A: There are multiple benefits of being a real estate agent. You get to meet new people every day, you can enjoy flexible working hours, your job is varied and exciting, and it can also be amazingly satisfying and rewarding. There’s also a broad spectrum of real estate jobs available, and you can use your current job as a springboard to climb the ladder or try something different within the same sector. 

Happy job hunting!

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